Noted for Your Afternoon Procrastination for April 2, 2015
Liveblogging the American Revolution: April 3, 1777: John Adams to Abigail Adams

Morning Must-Read: Elise Gould: Too Soon to Sound the Alarm, but March Jobs Numbers Should Give Us Pause: "126,000 jobs created in March and the downward revision of 38,000 jobs in February together make for disappointing top line numbers...

...While it’s important not to put too much stock in a couple months of data—especially given the unusual amount of snow that blanketed the country in the past two months—policymakers should be wary of any signs of any slowdown from the solid job growth over the previous year.... There is still ample slack in the labor market. Private sector hourly wages are up only 2.1 percent over the year.... The Federal Reserve should not be thinking about tapping the brakes any time soon.