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Across the Wide Missouri: Ceasefire Oregon: "Congratulations and thank you!!...

...SB 941, Expanded Background Checks, was just signed into law!   The Oregon House of Representatives passed SB 941 on May 4. The Oregon Senate passed it last month. And Governor Kate Brown just signed the bill into law!

All of us have done something remarkable and powerful. To make Oregon safer, we took on a foe that the media and many politicians said was impossible to defeat. Hundreds of you went to the Capitol and stood up to people armed with assault rifles. Many of you withstood personal harassment from the gun lobby at hearing and town halls. You stood in solidarity against nasty online attempts to intimidate our friends and colleagues.   Why? Because we all know that SB 941 is a reasonable and effective way to reduce gun violence and we fought for it.   Because of your hard work, felons and domestic abusers will no longer be able to legally buy guns in secret with impunity.   Because of your determination, irresponsible gun sellers will be held accountable when they enable a criminal to buy a gun.   Because of your compassion, fewer people who suffer from mental illness will be able to impulsively buy guns that allow them to harm themselves or others.   Thanks to you, the 'impossible' has been done and Oregon is a safer place to live.   With deepest gratitude,   Joanne, Penny, Michael, Ceasefire Oregon and the Ceasefire Oregon Education Foundation

SB 941, also known as the ‘Oregon Firearms Safety Act,’ would exempt specific transfers or sales including transfers or sales:

  • between spouses or domestic partners; or
  • between immediate relatives including siblings, parents, children, step children, grandparents, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, first cousins of the transferor; or
  • for certain temporary transfers; or
  • involving a gun turn-in or buy-back program.   SB 941 also requires the Oregon State Police to notify local law enforcement when a person prohibited from buying a gun tries to do so and fails the background check.    Additionally, SB 941 would help to reduce gun violence by authorizing judges to rule if people ordered to undergo outpatient treatment for mental health illnesses should be prohibited from purchasing or possessing guns during treatment.