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Live from the Inland Empire: What I really need to do is get out and reread David Brin’s book: The Transparent Society...

...It turns out that, today, the ubiquitous cameras are not or are not exclusively in the hands of the security services. They are also the cellphone video cameras in the hands of ordinary people--and the videos are then our instantly posted and cached on the web.

Official lying to cover up official malfeasance has always been widespread. It has always been buttressed by the deference to its functionaries' version of events that officialdom demands. But that is now at risk. Every mayor and every police chief around the country is now, if they have any smarts at all, telling their police and other functionaries that their and their department’s credibility depends on the reports filed being consistent with whatever cellphone camera footage might eventually emerge.

David Brin has, still, the most thoughtful and well informed speculations on how all of this might work out. I very much wish he would write a sequel...