Liveblogging World War II: May 8, 1945: Richard von Weizsacker
There Is a Potentially-Important Piece to Be Written About ECI-Wage and Salary Divergence

Marking the 70th Anniversary of V-E Day 1945 Tweeting

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  • Very true! —>RT “@pdjeliclark: Don't forget: Soviet Union saved world from Hitler” & lend-lease saved SU from Hitler
  • @HuhWellwhatever: @delong @pdjeliclark Is it obvious that the Soviet Union was better than Hitler? Or fighting each other to a mutually weakening draw?
  • YES! —> RT @HuhWellwhatever: “@delong @pdjeliclark Is it obvious that the Soviet Union was better than Hitler?”
  • .@HuhWellwhatever Hitler wanted to exterminate population of Eastern Europe, fill land from the Oder to the Volga with Germans. Stalin did not want to exterminate population of Western Europe cc: @pdjeliclark
  • @pdjeliclark: @delong how many folk throwin in their analysis on WWII & the Eastern front for next few hrs u think will bother to read the article?
  • .@pdjeliclark 0.1%? The North Atlantic still owes an immense and largely unacknowledged debt to the tankers of the Red Army, the workers of Magnitogorsk who built their machines, and the peasants of the steppe who starved to feed the tankers...