Today's Economic History: John Maynard Keynes's Obituary of Alfred Marshall

Re-Reading My Weblog: October 2005

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In October 2005 I was surprised to see a member of the Bush family--the smart one, Jeb ("John Ellis"--but what a Connecticut Yankee is doing choosing a nickname and thus calling himself after a rebel cavalry general who spent his time in Pennsylvania catching free Blacks to sell as slaves, rather than being Lee's army's eyes, is beyond me)--simply failing to get the point of what his father was saying on the tennis court when George H.W. Bush would threaten to "unleash Chiang":

Teaching ramped up:

I talked about the mixed record of Alan Greenspan at the Fed since 2000:

The deeply corrupt Washington press corps continued to play Dingbat Kabuki:

I found myself increasingly convinced that situations like the one we were in were what the founders had designed the impeachment process for. And it seemed to me that somebody should say that, for it was true:

I found another anthropologist who appeared to have gone off the deep end--James Ferguson in his study of Zambia:

And I meditated on Red Army casualties during World War II:

The feel-bad piece of the month is the scale of the sacrifice made by the Red Army to defeat the Nazis:

The feel-good piece of the month is... Jeb Bush: