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Ah. So Medium Is Getting Into the TInyletter Business...

Over at Medium Letters: Ah. So Medium is getting into the Tinyletter business, as well as or in addition to or as part of its core mission, whatever its core mission is going to turn out to be.

I like this. I like the fact that very good programmers and designers are focusing on ease-of-writing, reader-experience, and the social dynamics of aggregation. I like the fact that they are trying to turn the Medium platform--is it a platform?--into a thing, or some thing, or something. READ MOAR

Of course, the fact that here they (and Tinyletter) are essentially reinventing the wheel that was Blogger, RSS, and Google Reader is ironic. And depressing. And it is still not clear to me what Medium is ultimately going to wind up being for. And maybe if I truly got Facebook I would not feel as though Medium had a place at all...

My feeling is that what Medium is aiming at is to accomplish the vision of Vannevar Bush: hypertext done properly, in a way so that the community dynamics and the financial dynamics work, and reinforce the good parts of many-to-many hypertext rather than the bad parts, and avoiding the tearing-itself-apart in the many, many different ways we have seen over the past two decades.

So if you have not been paying attention to me over the past month, what have I been writing that you might want to read?

Here Are Fifteen Things That Are Popular:

Macroeconomics, macroeconomic thought, and political economy:

Political media criticism:

Game of Thrones:

Navel gazing:

  • How Did I Get into the Weblogging Business?

And things I have pointed to:

Obviously, Game of Thrones is popular, as are navel-gazing, macroeconomics, Ezra Klein and, the idiocies of the New York Times, and Charles Steindel. In fact, Charles should clearly get a weblog, and become a Yellen- and Bernanke-watcher…