On the TPP

Bonus Extra Monday Smackdown: Doesn't Anybody at the New York Times or in the Jeb Bush Campaign Know What Pickett's Charge Was?

Jeb Bush: I want to send a message that my campaign is like a disastrous and profoundly stupid attack that costs three casualties for every one inflicted:

Jonathan Martin and Patrick Healy: Jeb Bush Works to Recover From a Shaky Start: "Mr. Diaz... [who] seared John Kerry in 2004 and Mr. Romney in 2007...

...and other Bush aides are determined to develop new lines of attack against... Rubio... and... Walker.... By hiring Mr. Diaz, Mr. Bush wanted to send a clear signal that:

the culture of the Bush operation will now be a Pickett’s Charge engagement campaign with his main opponents

according to one Bush ally. It is a far cry from campaigning ‘joyfully,’ as he mused about doing last year...

Indeed it is a far cry from campaigning "joyfully".

As George Pickett said of Robert E. Lee--the general who ordered the charge--"That man destroyed my division!"