For the Weekend: Waterloo
Noted for Your Afternoon Procrastination for June 20, 2015

Is Israel's Big Problem Jewish Journalists in America?

Must-Read: Josh Marshall: Is Israel's Big Problem Jewish Journalists in America?: "The whole thing descends to a parodic, almost Dolezalesque level of gobsmacking when [Michael] Oren...

...puts forward Leon Wieseltier as the exemplar of these self-hating, anti-Israel Jews who are consumed by antipathy for Benjamin Netanyahu.... If you're reduced to arguing that Leon Wieseltier is bashing Israel or Netanyahu because of some inner conflicted Jewish identity torment or need to advance professionally you've... simply lost touch with reality.... Wieseltier was a good bit of the intellectual ballast for thirty years at what has to be considered one of the most pro-Israel publications of prominence in the United States ever. Ever. If he's now your example of identity-conflicted self-hating Jews bashing Israel out of some mix of professional self-advancement and crypto anti-Semitism, you've gone from dialog and engagement... with your American Jewish brethren to a... defensive crouch (let's call it aggressive fetal) geared toward making yourself feel good but little else.