Noted for Your Afternoon Procrastination for June 30, 2015

I Visit Right-Wing Websites...

...and things like this show up in my email inbox in rapid order:

Why Is FEMA Hoarding Survival Food?

You're not going to believe what FEMA just tried to pull.

You won't believe what the government is doing now...

>> Click here to watch the banned video now.

It's true, Friend. They are coming. Like it or not.

And they won't leave empty-handed.

Don't wait. You snooze, you lose.

Get the truth about what the government is trying to get away with, before they yank it offline.

>> Secret video exposes what you need to know.

PS...It's going to be every man, woman and child for themselves... food mobs will strip store shelves bare... get prepared by watching this ground-breaking video before it's taken down by government hackers...