Weekend Reading: Patricia Crone: What Do We Actually Know about Mohammed?

Across the Wide Missouri: Ed Luce: Donald Trump leaves indelible mark on Republicans: "The legions of Republicans flocking to Mr Trump’s banner are not going anywhere...

...Trump’s finest hour is yet to come.... Trump is likely to do in the debates exactly what has been working for him on the campaign trail--insult the other candidates by name and watch them squirm.... Nor is it possible to steal Mr Trump’s policy clothes. There is no logic to his platform.... Consistency is a vice. Coherence spells dishonesty.

The latest poll shows that only 8 per cent of Republican graduates support Mr Trump against 32 per cent of those without a degree. These are the angry swaths of America that feel left behind, belittled and insulted. They want to take their country back but cannot put their finger on what exactly they mean. For them it is evening in America. Nobody argues their case. Then along comes Mr Trump.... Think of Silvio Berlusconi in Italy or even the UK’s Nigel Farage. The worse they sound, the better they do. That is the power of anti-politics. Mr Trump is merely a symptom. His Republican rivals should beware.