Dylan Matthews Wins the "Soft Bigotry of Low Expectations" Prize for All Time
Needed: Large Greek Devaluation or Large-Scale Transfers to Greece. With Bonus Godwin's Law Violation!

Liveblogging World War II: July 10, 1945; Berlin

Berlin: July 10, 1945:


MCU, Berlin woman picking up firewood, wrecked cannon and bomb damage in BG. Bomb damage around Tiergarten.

MLS, woman picking up stick for firewood. Bomb damage and debris. Civilians on bicycles. More bomb damage, civilian traffic. Wrecked vehicles, burnt-out car. Bomb damage, sign: 'You are now leaving British Sector.' Five star automobile passes camera. Sec. Byrnes shaking hands with civilians and general.

MS, officer directs C-54 to parking place at Gatow. MS, President Truman disembarks C-54. President talking to Russian officers, walking in crowd. MS, President's car. Activity at Gatow airfield with MPs. Pan as President drives away from airfield. Officers standing at attention. LS, Infantry troops standing in review by President Truman. Band playing, troops stand at attention, Star Spangled Banner playing. Procession drives out of field. CU, flags.

MLS, Gatow airfield. Aerial LS over Potsdamer railroad station, Berlin, Reichstag, industrial areas, Siemens factory in Berlin, Anhalter railroad station. Bomb damage. Aerial shot of Unter den Linden and Brandenburg Arch, marshalling yards in Berlin, Reichstag building, Tiergarten, city of Berlin, more railroad stations, tower near zoo. "