Noted for Your Lunchtime Procrastination for July 21, 2015
Hoisted from the Grasping Reality Archives from Four Years Ago: The Interest Rate That Did Not Bark in the Night: The Surge in U.S. Treasury Debt and the Non-Reaction of Rates

Maurice Obstfeld to the IMF

An excellent choice by the IMF: Maurice Obstfeld becomes the new Blanchard: "Living up to Mr Blanchard will be difficult...

...One insider remarked that while Mr Obstfeld should do:

much better than his co-author Rogoff did as Director at the Fund in terms of getting good results [and] influencing the Board... no one is Blanchard. Any economist in the world would have a huge gap to do even part of what Blanchard accomplished.

Not, mind you, that Ken Rogoff did at all badly badly in speaking the technocratic truth that is the IMF Research view of the world to the power that is the IMF Managing Director and Board's role in global economic governance...