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Must-Read: Amanda Marcotte: The Real Reason Why Conservatives Like Ross Douthat Oppose The Gay Marriage Ruling: "Douthat isn’t wrong that...

...‘support for same-sex marriage and the decline of straight marital norms exist in a kind of feedback loop.’ To accept same-sex marriage is to accept this modern idea that marriage is about love and partnership, instead of about dutiful procreation and female submission. Traditional gender roles where husbands rule over wives are disintegrating, and that process is definitely helped along by these new laws allowing that marriage doesn’t have to be a gendered institution at all.... Douthat decries the new liberation from traditional marriage, he declines to spell out exactly what parts of traditional marriage he would like to keep.... Deducing it from what he is against. He sneers at people who believe marriage is optional, suggesting he wishes it were mandatory. He complains about ‘thinning family trees,’ suggesting he wants people to have more children.... He begrudges younger generations who see marriage as ‘malleable,’ suggesting his desire is for a more rigid institution. He grieves that modern Americans reject the ‘lessons of a long human past,’ but leaves it to the reader to remember that the human past is one where women were treated as chattel to be passed from father to husband, legally and socially regarded merely as extensions of their husbands instead of people in their own right. Reading Douthat, you do get a better idea of why conservatives see same-sex marriage as a threat... because it redefines marriage as an institution of love instead of oppression.