Yes, America's Right-Wing Media Is a Three-Ring Clown Show. Why Do You Ask?

Patrick Howley to Dave Weigel on Facebook, 2012

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Patrick Howley (July 9, 2015): 7 Reporters Who Should NOT Get A Press Pass In 2016: "Here are the worst Democratic suckups currently getting their hands ready. 1. Dave Weigel...

...Portly reporter Dave Weigel is the personification of journalistic malpractice, and the reason I came up with the idea to do this list.... Now Weigel is being RE-HIRED by the Post for 2016 coverage, because apparently they forgot about his disgrace or something? Welcome to journalism in 2015, folks. Fortunately, it’s not too hard to keep Weigel out of your rallies. All you’ll need is a diversionary box of Krispy Kremes or a decoy to strike up a conversation with him about his favorite and most disgusting fetish. It’s truly repulsive.