Trekonomics Teaser Videos: Brad DeLong, Adam Gomolin, Manu Saadia

Manu Saadia, the author of the forthcoming book, Trekonomics, discusses the economic theories behind the creation of the Star Trek with J. Bradford DeLong, professor of Economics at UC Berkeley and former Deputy Assistant Secretary at the US Treasury. Inkshares' Adam Gomolin is the moderator:

I'm an East-African plains-ape cooperator, engaged in reinforcing social ties through a web of gift-exchange relationships...:

We have already gone 95% of the way to the replicator for basic foodstuffs...:

The economic problem is not the permanent problem of the human race...

The prime directive...:

On the Ferengi... From Ayn Rand to Lord Keynes...:

The U.S.S. Asimov...:

The Vulcans are not coming...:

Trekonomics: The Basement Clips: