Grifters and Goldbugs and Bears, Oh My!: Peter Schiff Edition

Live from the Big T-- Mountains:

Ezra Klein: "As a writer[,] I would write stories about these complicated health-care topics...

...that just assumed the reader knew everything about the single-payer option. It’s a pretty small group of people.... You have to be kind of a weirdo.... The people who come to Vox every day may not be in need of a card stack on this or that issue. But because they’re optimized for search, they go far beyond the people who would read an article about Bill Kristol.... I want people to think of Vox as the place they go when they need to understand the news.... I believe that’s very empowering.... The worst thing we do as journalists, and one of the worst things Washington does in particular, is make people feel the news is too complicated for them.... We do it almost as a gag. We’ll talk about how incredibly dull it is to talk about Obamacare. But it’s literally a life-and-death issue for people. That’s an incredibly devastating thing to do to a democracy.... So if we can give people a place they can catch up, that’s a huge win. And the more often we do that for you, the more often you’re going to come back.