Noted for Your Insomniac Procrastination for August 4, 2015

Liveblogging World War II: August 5, 1945: Harry S. Truman

Harry S Truman: Longhand Note on Board U.S.S. Augusta:

Well we've been away from Berlin since 8 o'clock the morning of Aug. 2 and I am very sure no one wants to go back to that awful city.

Had lunch with Britain's King George VI. He is a very pleasant and surprising person. We had a short interview just before luncheon on the Renown in the King's cabin. He was very much interested in what had taken place at the Conference and in our new terrific explosion. He showed me a sword which had been presented to Sir Francis Drake by Queen Elizabeth. It was a powerful weapon, but the King said it was not properly balanced.

We had a nice and appetizing lunch-soup, fish, lamb chops, peas, potatoes and ice cream with chocolate sauce. The King, myself, Lord Halifax, a British Admiral, Adm. Leahy, Lascelles, the Secretary of State in that order around the table. Talked of most everything, and nothing much.

Before lunch I inspected a guard of honor and complimented the British Band on the manner in which it had played the National Anthem of U.S. There was much formality etc. in getting on and off the British Ship.

As soon as we returned to the Augusta, the King returned the call and we put on the formalities. He inspected the guard, looked over the sailors, took a snort of Haig & Haig, signed the ship's guest book, collected an autograph for each of his daughters and the Queen and, after some more formalities, went back for his ship. We've been crossing the Atlantic ever since at the rate of 645 miles every 24 hours.