George R.R. Martin Wins Science Fiction's Hugo Awards for All Time...

Monday Smackdown: Time to Shut the New York Times Down. immediately. For Good.


Stick the fork in. It is done.

I mean, the total lack of both self-awareness and of any idea of what she looks like from outside on the part of the columnist, plus the total cluelessness both of the editorial staff that is supposed to be giving her feedback and of the reportorial staff that does not even whimper in protest about what their prose shares its pages with...

What more can I say?

Steve M.: Maureen Dowd: Fred Trump's Son Will Save Us From an America Controlled by "Entitled Families": "Maureen Dowd today, in her latest Donald Trump puff piece:

He’s tapped into a hunger among those who want to believe that America is not a shrinking, stumbling power passed like a pepper mill between two entitled families.

Yes, the son of real estate millionaire Fred Trump is, according to Dowd, the champion of ordinary Americans in the battle to wrest control of the Republic from 'entitled families.'

Dowd writes this in a newspaper whose publisher's father, grandfather, and great-grandfather all held the title of publisher before him, a newspaper published in a state whose governor was once campaign manager for his father, also a multi-term governor of New York. And if we may be indelicate, let's not forget that Dowd's most famous romantic relationship was with Oscar winner Michael Douglas, the famous Hollywood son of the famous Hollywood actor Kirk Douglas.

There are a lot of entitled families in Dowd's world. Only some of them upset her.