Comment of the Day: Tracy Lightcap: Auxiliary Readings: From the Left: "No One Makes You Shop at Wal-Mart"...: Econ 1: Spring 2016: UC Berkeley: "Same story as last time. You want something they'll actually read...

...and that can counter the Friedmans. I think there's only one choice: Michael Lewis's The Big Short.

Here you have a book entirely about people behaving just like the Friedmans said they should to maximize economic efficiency and human freedom. And what do you get? The almost total destruction of the world's economy and a large number of supposedly smart people running around doing evil at every turn because they can make money at it. All you would have to do is point out the appropriate passages in Free to Choose to go along with each chapter and tell the students to do the contrast themselves. And they'll read the book; Lewis is the best financial write out there.

If you don't want to use another book and risk them not buying it, have them read Lewis's 'Wall Street on the Tundra' about the financial collapse in Iceland. Here it is:

I've used this myself successfully.