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Weekend Reading; Daniel Larison: Scowcroft, the GOP, and the Nuclear Deal

Live from Cahokia Mounds: Jeanne Kirkpatrick used to attack San Francisco for its "deviants". Now Bobby Jindal attacks New York for its non-Christians. The Republican Party is not aging well:

Anne Laurie: Late Night Horrorshow Open Thread: Speaking of Godwin…:

Gov. Bobby Jindal @BobbyJindal: Hey @realDonaldTrump you can't make America great again by throwing the Christians in jail. I understand asking forgiveness from God and respecting communion is a personal decision. But even really rich New Yorkers should oppose jailing Christians for their religious beliefs.

Okay, so Bobby Jindal is desperate to be somebody’s VP candidate, and presumably he thinks attacking Trump makes him look like a new-gen Spiro Agnew for one of the GOP Establishment candidates. (The other Bible-bangers weren’t gonna give him the time of day anyways, what with Catholics only barely qualifying as Christians in Huckabee/Cruz world, and Santorum is polling even lower than Bobby.) I still say that an Indian-American in the Deep South should be very, very careful about encouraging ‘Those People, you know they’re not like Us’ murmurs among the rubes...

For context, this is about Kim Davis, Christ’s Living Martyr in Kentucky. When the media rushed to get every GOP candidates’ opinion about Davis being willing to go to jail rather than do the job she’s (well) paid for, Trump was sensible enough to say that SSM is now the law of the land, full stop. Since the rest of the GOP klown klan were already hustling to out-Taliban each other, Jindal seems to have decided to gum The Donald’s ankles rather than just me-too’ing the day’s reading from the altar. Hey, it’s not like he has much dignity left to lose!