Live from the Roasterie: Surely there is someone among the 60 less-wingnut Republicans who would like to be Speaker, is willing to become Speaker with Pelosi's votes, and could persuade at least half of his less-wingnut friends to vote for him?

Stan Collender: McCarthy Withdrawal Shows House GOP Is Completely Failing Gov't 101: "Not counting Democrats, there are now three political parties... the House of Representatives.... The ‘Boehners’... thinks its job is to govern... about 150.... The ‘Scareds’... 50 members that generally vote with the Boehners except when they’re afraid of defying the third party (see below) on particularly touchy issues. These Republicans are all from very conservative GOP congressional districts where the primary rather than the general election is what determines whether they return to Congress.... The tea party... 40 and 50 ultra-conservative Republicans that militantly disagree with the Boehners on strategy and tactics....

The Boehners have generally kept the three-party GOP coalition together by adopting [Tea Party] positions until the very last minute and then getting that party’s tacit approval to get the votes it needs from Democrats…. [The Tea Party] praised the Boehners for making the good fight and took credit for pushing them to (or in the case of the shutdown over) the limit. But... it is now insisting the Boehners run the House the way it wants.... McCarthy obviously saw what Boehner saw several weeks ago. He either would have had to meet... [Tea Party] demands for... take-no-prisoners legislative tactics, tell the [Tea Party] to go to hell [and] get Democrats to support him [for Speaker], or decide not to run. Working with the... Democrats... [is] the natural move.... But... McCarthy would have had to make significant concessions to House Democrats for them to abandon the standard congressional practice of voting for someone from your own party or voting present and... his ability to lead would have been significantly weakened.... So McCarthy pulled a Boehner and decided to let someone else deal with the situation.