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Hillary Clinton grilled on Benghazi attack avoids any damage to her presidential campaign The Indian Express

Live from the Roasterie: I find myself hearing a huge amount of this from all kinds of people: John Boehner, Kevin McCarthy, Trey Gowdy, and company in the Republican congressional caucus appear to have paid for Hillary Rodham Clinton to make an 11-hour campaign commercial with very good production values that is having a large and material impact both in impressing potential swing voters with her competence and energy and in impressing the base that otherwise spends substantial time thinking about why she is not an ideal candidate. Quite remarkable, actually:

Thoreau: I don’t cry for yesterday; there’s an ordinary world: "My mother.... before today... would have been happy to find a reason... not vote for Hillary Clinton.... Well, now we’ve got the Benghazi hearings and my mother said that the Republicans grilling Hillary reminder her of her ex-husband. All of those 60’s and 70’s grudges against upper-class feminists have been set aside, courtesy of the House Benghazi Committee. Pack it in, Republicans. You’re reminding high-propensity (i.e. old) voters in swing states of their ex-husbands. This is over.... Alienating divorced Boomer women is about the dumbest thing you could possibly do. You might as well remind everyone that the unemployment rate was below 5% for pretty much the entirety of Bill Clinton’s second term and you’re worried that some of the same economic advisors might join a Clinton Restoration Administration...