Live from UMKC: America's loonier fragments of both its left and its right agree on something that makes all of us worse off!

Ann Marie Marciarille: Important Health Message: Mumps: "What the Important Health Message doesn't say...

...KCMO had quite a measles outbreak in 2014... and if mumps is in wide circulation, measles (also highly contagious) may be again as well because the MMRV vaccination is a multi-disease combined shot. All nine or so confirmed cases of mumps to date at M.U. have reportedly been among students able to individually confirm receipt of the CDC-recommended two doses of MMRV (which M.U., apparently, makes a condition of enrollment and UMKC, apparently, does not). Since 5-10% of vaccines don’t take for various reasons, this... tells us... those who ARE vaccinated are at risk. Why? Because Missouri’s school entry vaccination rate has dropped below 90%, the failure of herd immunity danger zone.... [With] religious as well as medical exemptions... [the] problem is not going away any time soon.