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Links for the Week of November 23, 2015

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  • Dave Niewert: "People who have studied the extremist right... are acutely aware... America has been very, very lucky so far when it comes to fascistic political movements. And now... that luck may be about to run out.... Trump is the logical end result of an endless series of assaults on not just American liberalism, but on democratic institutions themselves, by the American right for many years. It is the long-term creep of radicalization of the right come home to roost..."
  • Molly Ball: "‘I have got my mind made up, pretty much so,’ says Michael Barnhill, a 67-year-old factory supervisor with a leathery complexion and yellow teeth. ‘The fact is, politicians have not done anything for our country in a lot of years.’ These people are not confused. They are sticking with Trump, the only candidate who gets it, who is man enough to show the enemy who’s boss. Barnhill is wearing a button he just bought from a vender outside the convention center. It says ‘TRUMP 2016: FINALLY SOMEONE WITH BALLS.’"
  • Jamelle Bouie: On the Necessary End of the Republican Party... (with tweets)

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