Live from the Roasterie: Kevin Drum: Ben Carson and the Conservative Grift Machine : "So far there's nothing all that new here...

...Conservatives have turned grifting into a high art, and Carson is just the flavor of the month. What makes this piece great is the response from Doug Watts, Carson's campaign spokesman:

Watts defended the American Legacy effort and offered assurance to donors. ‘I would say to those people, you did give to Dr. Carson,’ Watts said. ‘They participated in the building of a list’ of donors for the campaign.

Booyah! By giving money to Carson's anti-Obamacare campaign, you identified yourself as a soft touch who would give Carson even more money later on. And that's a big help. Of course, these elderly donors thought they were helping Carson fight Obamacare, because, you know, that's what Carson actually said. But what's the difference? Tomayto, tomahto.

Anyway, read the whole thing if you've got the stomach for it.