Things to Read for Your Morning Procrastination on November 26, 2015
Liveblogging the Cold War: November 27, 1945: George C. Marshall to China

Liveblogging History: November 26, 1945: Savoy Records

Fernando Ortiz de Urbina: Easy does it: November 26, 1945 at Savoy Records:

Monday, November 26, 1945. Just another day at the office for the small independent Savoy Records label from New Jersey. There's so much written about the music recorded on that day for that label, that I'll just stick to hard data. First on, Don Byas and his quintet.


Benny Harris (trumpet) Don Byas (tenor sax) Jimmy Jones (piano) John Levy (bass) Fred Radcliffe (drums): S5845 Candy, S5846 How High The Moon, S5847 Don By, S5848 Byas-A-Drink

Next up (note the consecutive matrix numbers), the quintet lead by Charlie Parker, in his first ever session as a leader

Miles Davis (trumpet) Charlie Parker (alto sax) Argonne Thornton (a/k/a Sadik Hakim, piano) Dizzy Gillespie (trumpet and piano) Curley Russell (bass) Max Roach (drums): WOR Studios, Broadway, NYC, November 26, 1945: S5849-1  Warming Up A Riff, S5850-1  Billie's Bounce, S5850-2  Billie's Bounce, S5850-3  Billie's Bounce, S5850-4 Billie's Bounce, S5850-5  Billie's Bounce, S5851-1  Now's The Time, S5851-2  Now's The Time, S5851-3  Now's The Time, S5851-4  Now's The Time, S5852-1  Thriving On A Riff, S5852-2  Thriving On A Riff, S5852-3  Thriving On A Riff, Meandering, S5853-1 Ko-Ko, S5853-2 Ko-Ko