Mea Culpa: Confidence Proceedings Edition: I Really Do Think Dynamic Scoring Is a Bad Idea
Things to Read for Your Morning Procrastination on December 14, 2015

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  • Miriam Ronzoni: Where Are the Power Relations in Piketty’s Capital?: "There seems to be a friction between the diagnosis... of the power of capital... and the suggested cure... [of] well-minded citizens... recogniz[ing] the... problem" :: The extremely-sharp Miriam Ronzoni excellently puts her finger on a substantial hole in Thomas Piketty's Capital in the Twenty-First Century...
  • Ananya Roy: The Land Question: "The infrastructure problem, it turns out, is effectively a land problem..."
  • David Roberts: Why Conspiracy Theories Flourish on the Right: "The most engaged conservative voters... won't trust conservative elites any more than they trust liberals, scientists, or the media..."
  • Matt Bruenig: Why Education Does Not Fix Poverty: "To the extent that education does nothing to provide better income support for those who do find themselves in these vulnerable situations, its effect on overall poverty levels will always be weak, or, as with the US in the last 23 years, totally nonexistent..."

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