The Archives: December 10, 2015

Live from La Farine: We have been tiptoeing around the problem with Republican likely primary voters.

The problem is this: They do not understand and have not internalized America's core freedom-loving and immigrant-friendly values.

The fact that the country has failed to absorb this deviant population culturally and ideologically is, perhaps, the biggest challenge facing America today:

Kevin Drum: Republican Voters Like What Donald Trump Is Selling: "These aren't polls of tea partiers...

Republican Voters Like What Donald Trump Is Selling Mother Jones

...They aren't polls just of conservative states.... By a very wide margin, ordinary Republican [likely primary] voters think the stuff Trump is saying sounds great. Only about a quarter don't like what they're hearing. I don't really know what to say about this.... 14 people are killed by a couple of deranged Muslims with no real ties to international terrorism, and two-thirds of Republicans are in favor of banning all Muslims from the country. So what's happened over the past decade? Multiple things, I suppose... an election year... refugees.... Republican voters have been driven crazy by Barack Obama.... In 2001 a Republican president spoke pretty firmly against anti-Muslim bigotry. No one on the Republican side is doing that now.... It's increasingly clear why Trump isn't paying a price for what he says: It's because most Republicans like it.

UPDATE: I'm not trying to drive you all into despair for the country. Honest, I'm not. But here's another one...