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Liveblogging World War I: December 29, 1915: The Ancona Case

Liveblogging World War II: December 28, 1945: War Brides Act

Wikipedia: War Brides Act:

The War Brides Act (Public Law 271) was enacted on December 28, 1945, to allow alien spouses, natural children, and adopted children of members of the United States Armed Forces, 'if admissible,' to enter the U.S. as non-quota immigrants after World War II.

More than 100,000 entered the United States under this Act and its extensions and amendments until it expired in December 1948.

The 1945 Act only exempted military spouses and dependents from the quotas established by the Immigration Act of 1924 and the mental and health standards otherwise in force. Because the 1882 Chinese Exclusion Act were repealed by the Magnuson Act in 1943, Chinese was the main Asian group to benefit from the law. Exclusion of Filipinos and Asian Indians were repealed in 1946.

A 1947 amendment of the War Brides Act removed the term 'if admissible,' making it possible for Japanese and Korean wives of American soldiers to immigrate. The Alien Fiancées and Fiancés Act of 1946 extended the privileges to Fiancées and Fiancés of war veterans.