Monday Smackdown/Hoisted: Antonio Fatas on the Global Economy: Ignorance as an Excuse

Monday Smackdown: Health Policy Scott Gotlieb Misleading His Readers Watch

Richard Mayhew: Technically true bullshit: "One of the leading lights of the conservative ‘health wonk’ community[, Scott Gotlieb,]... peddling bulls--- that is technically true, if you parse it correctly, but designed to mislead anyone but a hyper technical reader. Last year open enrollment started on November 15th. The 6th week of open enrollment would have been the first week of January. This year, open enrollment started on November 1st. The 6th week of open enrollment just wrapped up.

Yes, at the six week mark of open enrollment, 2014 enrollment is running higher than 2015 enrollment.  However there is one massive fact that will show 2015 open enrollment 7th week selections running ahead of 2014 7th week selections.  Sometime at the end of this week, and most of the state based exchanges will conduct a massive automatic renewal of plans.  That will move between 3 and 4 million people to new plans by next Monday (plus whatever number of people choosing new plans on the ‘waiting in line’ extension that ends tonight for  So Week 7 2015 will wreck Week 7 2014 plan selection figures.

He knows that, I know that, 80% of the people on my Twitter follow list know that, but 98% of the American public does not know that.  It is pure bullshit of technically true nonsense.