David Hume Gives Adam Smith Some Bad News About the Reception of Smith's First Book, the Theory of Moral Sentiments: Hoisted from the Archives from 1759 Wednesday Weblogging

Must-Read: And the 'winner' for all time--in terms of success at extracting as much wealth from the workers as possible given resources, population, and technology--is Mughal India in 1750!

Branko Milanovic, Peter H. Lindert, and Jeffrey G. Williamson: Pre-Industrial Inequality: "Is inequality largely the result of the Industrial Revolution?...

...Or were pre-industrial incomes as unequal as they are today? This article infers inequality across individuals within each of the 28 pre-industrial societies, for which data were available, using what are known as social tables. It applies two new concepts: the inequality possibility frontier and the inequality extraction ratio. They compare the observed income inequality to the maximum feasible inequality that, at a given level of income, might have been ‘extracted’ by those in power. The results give new insights into the connection between inequality and economic development in the very long run.

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