The Archives: December 11, 2015:

Two things most worth noting from this archive trawl:

  1. The Federal Reserve's insistence a year ago that it knew better than the bond market what 2015 would bring. Guess what? It did not. Yet I see no signs in the Fed of its doing any Bayesian updating, either with respect to its own internal thinking or with respect to how much much it thinks the bond market has something to say...

  2. The very strange left-wing Democratic Party opposition to Antonio Weiss's appointment to the Treasury--without having any alternative candidate who the Democratic left could say it preferred. This strikes me as irresponsible. My view: if you don't like who Obama has chosen to nominate for a job, tell him who is qualified for the job and would take it who would do it better, or go home..


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And I must say: Michael R. Strain's complaint that I do not know what goes on over at the American Enterprise Institute arouses my ire. I know very well what goes on over at the American Enterprise Institute: