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Wow! Has it really been ten years since John F. Harris launched his war to get Dan Froomkin's "White House Watch" column purged from the Washington Post?

In the end it succeeded--to, in my view, the great detriment of the Post as a trusted information intermediary.

And then John F. Harris went out on his own to do, at Politico, exactly what Froomkin had been doing with his "White House Watch". Only Harris without focus on policy substance, and without concern for the future of the country.


The moment worth I found most worth noting was John F. Harris's holding up Patrick Ruffini's views on what should be in WHW as those of someone simply a grassroots conservative weblogger. Ruffini was, of course, not of the "grassroots", but had been the Bush-Cheney 2004 internet coordinator.

At first I thought that Harris had just not done his homework, and had no idea who Patrick was.

But, no, Harris knew: he just wanted to misrepresent the views of a Republican operative working the refs as an indicator of grassroots sentiment...

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