Things to Read for Your Afternoon Procrastination on December 18, 2015


Over at Equitable Growth--The Equitablog:

  • Nick Bunker: Weekend reading* Sutirtha Bagchi and Jan Svejnar: Does wealth inequality matter for growth?: "The relationship between politically connected wealth inequality and economic growth is negative, while politically unconnected wealth inequality... [has] no significant relationship."
  • Josh Barro: Sorry, but Your Favorite Company Can’t Be Your Friend: "Companies try to blur the lines, insinuating themselves into your friend zone..." :: It's not companies that are trying to blur the lines, so much as pro-market ideologues (and I mean that of the extremely-smart Josh Barro in the nicest possible way) trying to draw lines that cannot be sharply drawn...
  • Henry Farrell: Piketty, in Three Parts: "Piketty['s]... data... confound[s]... previous... wisdom that we didn’t need to worry about inequality. This makes a vast and important social phenomenon... visible, salient and socially undeniable..." :: the best precis of Piketty as both sociological phenomenon and political actor I have yet seen...
  • Paul Krugman (1999): Thinking About the Liquidity Trap: "fiscal stimulus... [is only] a way of buying time... [absent] assumptions that are at the very least rather speculative..." :: How very closely Krugman's fiscal-policy analysis then tracks Rogoff's analysis today...

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