Econ 1: Spring 2016: U.C. Berkeley: Things Moved Off the "Course Syllabus" Page

May I Say That I Have a Bad Feeling About This?

The University of California at Berkeley has ditched its old course management system, bSpace (and is not automatically migrating content on bSpace elsewhere). It has replaced it with a new Canvas-based CMS, bCourses.

May I say that a CMS that refuses to admit in its header menus that I have a 2016 version of Econ 210a is one that is really not ready for prime time?

210A Introduction to Economic History

Sending me to the 2014 version of the class, and then telling me that there has been "no activity" in it, is not professional.

Fortunately for me, I have figured out that the URL gives me direct access to the 2016 version--in spite of the header menu's insistence that it does not exist...