For the Weekend...

Must-Read: Let the record show that there was never any honest and honorable statistical or smoothing model-based way of extracting global-warming trends that would even hint that there was some kind of "pause" in global warming starting at the very end of the twentieth century:



And let the record show that those I ran across who were claiming that there was such a "pause"--the Tobin Harshaws and the Clifford Assesses and the Tom Campbells and the Steve Levitts and the Steve Dubners and the Russ Robertses the Richard Mullers and the George Wills--ought to be profoundly ashamed of themselves, and would be if they were capable of shame:

Kevin Drum: Global Warming Went On a Rampage in 2015: "Remember that old chestnut, the climate chart that starts in 1998...

...and makes it look like climate change has been on a 'pause' ever since? It was always nonsense produced by cherry picking an unusually high starting point, but it was still effective propaganda. But those days are gone for good. Last year was already considerably warmer than 1998, and this year has now blown away everything.... George Will is now going to have to find some other way to lie about global warming. I don't doubt that he's up to it, but at least he'll have to work a little harder.