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The Archives: January 12-January 17, 2016

I think the two best picks of the litter are:

ObamaCare as Dire Infringement of Individual Liberty and in a "Death Spiral", and LADYPARTS

What Have We Unlearned from Our Great Recession?


Other picks of the litter:

  1. Slides for a Talk: Thoughts on Making a Better Economics
  2. Thomas Piketty: On the Elasticity of Capital-Labor Substitution
  3. Tim Worstall: Facebook Explains Why Marc Andreessen And Larry Summers Disagree
  4. We Have Government Purchase and Residential Investment Problems
  5. How Much of a Different Country than the U.S. Today Was Harlem in 1979?
  6. What Market Failures Underlie Our Fears of "Secular Stagnation"?
  7. You Know, I Think Having Had Barry Eichengreen and Jeffrey Sachs (and Others) as My Teachers Gives Me an Unfair Advantage
  8. Hoisted from the Archives: Thinking About Aristotle of Stagira and Moses Finley

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