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ObamaCare Increases the Salience of Antitrust in Health Insurance Markets from "Important" to "Essential"

The Forthcoming--Behavioral--Economics of Abundance: Project Syndicate

Over at Project Syndicate: Economics in the Age of Abundance: 250 years ago in the richest society that was then or ever had been--Imperial Augustan-Age Britain--the adolescents sent to sea by the Marine Society to be officers' servants were half a foot--15 cm--shorter than their counterpart gentry's sons whose heights were recorded as they entered the army as officers. 150 years ago the working class of the United States--the richest working class that was then or ever had been--was still spending roughly 2/5 of extra income at the margin simply on more calories. Pre-Industrial Agrarian-Age human populations, even Mid-Industrial populations, and a third of the world today were and are under what nutritionists and public-health experts see as severe and damaging nutritional biomedical stress. READ MOAR