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Procrastinating on February 28, 2016

Live from La Farine: Scott Lemieux: How Sanders Lost South Carolina, And Why He Won't Win the Nomination: "‘Class not race’ is not a viable means of securing the Democratic nomination in 2016."

Hunter Walker: How Hillary Clinton won the battle for the black vote in South Carolina: "‘The day we launched this campaign, we had staff in the state’...

...said Marlon Marshall, Clinton’s director of states and political engagement. But Clinton’s presence in South Carolina began long before that day. Bill Clinton won the Palmetto State primaries in 1992 and 1996, which allowed Hillary Clinton to build relationships.... She first came into the state during the 1970s, while working as a young lawyer with the Children’s Defense Fund. And as first lady of Arkansas, Clinton co-chaired a task force on infant mortality with former South Carolina Gov. Richard Riley. ‘She’s been working in and with South Carolinians since the ’70s, but every decade since then, she’s been in and out of the state working with people,’ Middleton said. ‘She has deep roots here, and it has blossomed over the years.’ But all that support seemingly vanished in 2008.... Nevertheless... Clinton never retreated from South Carolina, Darby said... adding, ‘I don’t think South Carolina ever entirely left the Clintons. It might have parked them in the corner for one election, but they’ve maintained good relationships.’ In contrast, a source said the Sanders campaign did not begin to establish a large presence in the state until last September.