Live from La Farine: Josh Marshall: Lust for Destruction: "A Trump v Clinton general election will be fought over the roughly 10% of the electorate...

...which is not firmly anchored in the right/center-right or left/center-left blocs of American politics. It will likely be fought out over the distinction between Trump's policies and the Democrat's. But it will be fought out on conventional political norms - not ones in which rule-breaking and transgressive behavior are positive good in themselves.

This is not wishful thinking. It's based on a clear understanding of the structure of contemporary politics - one backed up by Trump's negative favorability ratings, which have never topped the mid-30s and are now trending down. So we should not expect that Trump will be able to easily switch gears to become a candidate of racial unity or that it won't boomerang on him if we find him calling Clinton 'Little Hillary' at a debate in October.

This doesn't mean he can't win. It means that we shouldn't think his political magic is about him. It's about his audience.