Brad DeLong's Office Hours Week of March 8 Are Moved to March 7

Live from the Rumpublicans' Self-Made Gehenna: Nate Silver: On Twitter:

@NateSilver538: If a year ago you'd drawn up 1000 scenarios and ranked them from best to worst possible outcome for the GOP, this would be like No. 997.

@ObsoleteDogma: @NateSilver538 What are the three that could possibly be worse than this?

@NateSilver538: @ObsoleteDogma: No. 998 involves a Watergate-style scandal, No. 999 involves space aliens, and I don't even want to think about No. 1000.

@sungod499: @NateSilver538 @ObsoleteDogma nominate the AntiChrist.