Yet Another Monday Smackdown: Josh Barro on How the Rumpublicans Smashed and Burned Their Own Furniture, and Now Complain That They Have Nowhere to Sit
Procrastinating on March 22, 2016

Must-Read: Erik Loomis: The TPP: Another Tool to Exploit Women: "The Malaysia reclassification is one of the single worst foreign policy outrages...

....of the Obama administration, really putting the lie to the idea that the TPP is about helping the world’s workers. When you give Malaysia all the benefits up front in exchange for vague promises about reform, you can’t actually expect that reform to happen.

What [Rep. Louise] Slaughter [D-NY] didn’t mention and should have is women working in the sweatshops and how the TPP will contribute to their exploitation through a globalized labor regime that gives corporations the opportunity to sue countries for raising their labor standards while not granting women any legal path to ending the routine unsafe working conditions, sexual assault, forced birth control, low wages, and physical punishment while making clothes or other products for Walmart, Nike, Gap, Target, etc."