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A Baker's Dozen from an Underappreciated Weblogger for Late April 2016: Steve Randy Waldmann

Yesterday I wrote:

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"You are not doing enough in the way of promiscuous link-sluttage", my conscience says to me, occasionally. "You are not doing enough in the way of making people who come to your weblog aware of very smart people whom they ought to be paying attention to--but are not. You have an obligation not only to punch up, but to extend a hand down--to promote people who, by accidents of chance and historical contingency, are just as smart (or more) and are as (or more) worth reading as you are."

"So what can I do?" I say.

"Periodically put up a post praising somebody, and providing a baker's dozen of links", it--she--he--I guess my conscience is not strongly gendered at all--says.

"I keep on thinking I should", I say. "But I forget!"

"Then publicly commit to doing it on the 24th of each month. Then you will be humiliated if you miss one. And that will provide you with motivation!"

So, guys, who on the internet should be first? Who receives less attention than they would in a world with a just internet?

And if the 24th of next month goes by without me living up to this promise... I expect to hear from all of you...

That was what I wrote yesterday. And today I come across:

Steve Randy Waldmann: Dix Ans Apres: "I don’t know whether it is of note even to me...

...but today interfluidity is ten years old. Here is the inauspicious first post. Thank you all for coming by, for reading, for putting up with me all these years. So I’ll leave it up to you. If you live in one of those states, please vote today.

It's a sign~

So here we go: A Baker's Dozen of Steve Randy Waldmann:

  1. interfluidity » Welfare economics: housekeeping and links
  2. interfluidity » Hard money is not a mistake
  3. interfluidity » The political economy of a universal basic income.
  4. interfluidity » Greece
  5. interfluidity » There is a name for this
  6. interfluidity » Home is where the cartel is
  7. interfluidity » Why is finance so complex?
  8. interfluidity » Agreeing in different languages
  9. interfluidity » Monday at the Treasury: an overlong exegesis
  10. interfluidity » 1099 as antitrust
  11. interfluidity » Restraining unit labor costs is a right-wing conspiracy
  12. interfluidity » Welfare economics: an introduction (part 1 of a series)
  13. interfluidity » Hangover theory and morality plays

(Yes, (12) is part of (1). So sue me.)

Read him, you should. Be much smarter, you will. Hmmmm?

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