Live Drunkblogging/Monday Smackdown: The Execrble Jim VandeHei
Claremont Hotel Bar Drunkblogging Continued: MOAR Link Sluttage for Steve Randy Waldmann!!

Live Drunkblogging/Monday Smackdown: The Execrble Jim VandeHei

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Live Drunkblogging from the Claremont Hotel Bar: Watching the sunset over San Francisco Bay out the big picture windows. My drinking companions have gone. I am not yet drunk enough to have forgotten that I shouldn't blog drunk. But I have drunk enough that I do not care. In other words, I have had one Lagunitas "Little Sumpin Extra" ale. (Hey: cut me a break1! It's 17 proof! And lots of it!~)

This isn't even Anglisc!

Jim VandeHei: Bring on a Third-Party Candidate: "A third-party candidate could build on death-by-drones by outlying...

...the type of modern weapons, troops and war powers needed to keep America safe. And make plain when he or she will use said power. Do it with very muscular language--there is no market for nuance in the terror debate...

Did it ever occur to Jim VandeHei that George W. Bush and Richard Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld and Condi Rice and Colin Powell's idiocy has killed many more innocent peope than died on 9/11? And that all of their relatives are rightfully pissed?!