A Methodological-Moral Struggle Over the Sanders Economic-Policy Proposals
Memo to Self: Monetary Policy since 1985

Live from La Farine: Josh Marshall: Nope. A Trump Etch-a-Sketch Ain't Happening: "Donald Trump's new campaign chief Paul Manafort made... stunning... claims...

...Trump's not against the party or the people who run it. He's just been putting on an act.... He'll now shift gears to playing a different, more congenial role (a new 'persona') that party regulars will be more comfortable with. In his new role, his historic unfavorable ratings will also fall rapidly.... The audaciousness of the claim and even the improbability of Trump's ability to sell a dramatically different version of himself aren't even the biggest issues. The more salient question in my mind is whether Trump can even make the attempt.... There were and are things within Trump that made the transition hard and quite possibly impossible. At some basic level, it's really not an act.... It will be far harder to deny Trump than most Republican regulars seem to imagine. But that doesn't mean they won't try. It will be very hard for Trump to stay in character as the new 'presidential Trump' in the midst of that confrontation.

Beyond that, Manafort's argument about why Trump's 'persona' switcheroo will work... amounts to 'Trump's negatives are a perception problem; Hillary's just a bad person.'... Set aside for the moment that we're living in the age of videotape and the implausibility of what Byron York memorably called a 'personality transplant.' His personality, his relationship with his supporters who have brought him this far, make it very unlikely he'll even be to make the attempt. Trump may be full of it. He may be BSing on the margins. But at a basic level, it's not an act. He can't control it.