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Today's Economic History: Possible Adam Tooze Reading Group at Unfogged...

Live from the Gehenna That Was Europe in the First Half of the Twentieth Century: If you haven't read Adam Tooze, you very much need to do so...

Mossy Character: Adam Tooze Reading Group: "This came up in comments...

...who's interested in a reading group for Adam Tooze? Tooze has written two popular books, The Wages of Destruction, about the Nazi war economy, and The Deluge, about America's role in the world political economy 1916-31. Both are long, dense, and revelatory.

Wages is the better book, but Deluge is probably more reading-group friendly. As Tigre puts it:

the Nazi economy book is better and a mind-altering masterpiece. OTOH I think the Deluge would be a better reading group book--more to argue about, less need to be a specialist to offer interesting critiques, more direct relevance to today.

Myself, ajay, Tigre, and lw are in, and Thorn will submit to peer pressure.

Heebie's take: It does feel like summer is the right time for a reading group. When it's all year round, it feels like a bit of a grind.