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(Early) Monday Self-Smackdown by the Often-Insightful Corey Robins

The often-insightful Corey Robin makes a huge fool of himself.


Shorter Corey Robins: The Americans I call "neoliberals" are in fact actually what I call "neoliberals" only to the extent that they declared the fundamentals of their political program to be something very different than they did--i.e., not at all.

Corey Robin: Neoliberalism: A Quick Follow-up — Crooked Timber: "There was a moment in American history when a group of political and intellectual actors...

...under the aegis of [Charles] Peters, took on the name ‘neoliberal’ for themselves. That’s who I was talking about.... The term was coined by a group of mostly conservative free market intellectuals... to counter the rise of democratic socialism and welfare-state liberalism.... That group would coalesce after World War II as the Mont Pelerin Society.... That earlier coinage matters, and isn’t just a point of scholarly pedantry.... A program to rollback the welfare state and social democracy, to revalorize capital and the capitalist as a moral good, to proclaim the ideological supremacy of the market over the state.... Insofar as [Charles] Peters and his group of neoliberals in the United States declared the fundamentals of their political program to be: a) opposition to unions; b) opposition to big government (except for the military); and c) support for big business, I find the term “neoliberal” to be useful not only for describing Peters and his crew but also for relating that crew to the overall program of neoliberalism...