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(Early) Monday Smackdown: Anne Laurie and Company on Bernie Sanders

I confess that I thought much better of both major Democratic candidates after the 2008 primary. That is not the case this time:

Anne Laurie: Beyond Exasperated Open Thread: Bernie Sanders's Strategery — How Does It Work?:

@DannyEFreeman: .@BernieSanders tells @TheYoungTurks the "Clinton strategy" is to announce the race is "over" after New Jersey votes on June 7.

@mattyglesias: Pretty good strategy

@NateSilver538: Clinton "strategy" is to persuade more "people" to "vote" for her, hence producing "majority" of "delegates".

The Sanders campaign has turned into an inadvertent lesson in the narcissism of small differences, but at least its leader seems to be figuring out (no sooner than time) that calling the Democratic primaries “rigged” makes him look like someone too dumb to figure out the rules. Or too self-involved to think he needs to worry about them…

What has upset me, and what I think is — I wouldn’t use the word ‘rigged’ because we knew what the rules were — but what is really dumb, is that you have closed primaries, like in New York State, where three million people who were Democrats or Republicans could not participate. You have a situation where over 400 super delegates came on board Clinton’s campaign before anybody else was in the race, eight months before the first vote was cast. That’s not rigged, I think it’s just a dumb process which has certainly disadvantaged our campaign…

News flash, Senator — election by acclamation, by the decibel volume of one’s cheering supporters and the number of media village idiots that want to interview you, is only available to Republican contenders.