Unprofessional: The University of Chicago and the Wall Street Journal Have Intellectual Quality Control Problems

Live from Chappaqua: Remember, these are Republicans who are accusing each other of assassinating JFK--and getting the press to print it.

It is good to see that the HRC campaign is ready for the total shit-show that we are about to see:

Peter Beinart: Hillary Clinton won't stay above the fray in the general election: "Her campaign plans ‘sustained and brutal attacks’ on Donald Trump...

...some commentators envision a campaign in which Donald Trump attacks viciously and Hillary Clinton makes a virtue of her refusal to stoop to his level. “I think Trump’s method will be to turn on the insult comedy against Hillary Clinton,” declared GOP consultant Mike Murphy earlier this week. “Her big judo move is playing the victim.” Vox’s Ezra Klein speculated earlier this year that “Trump sets up Clinton for a much softer and unifying message than she’d be able to get away with against a candidate like [Marco] Rubio.”

I doubt it will play out that way. Rope-a-dope isn’t Clinton’s style.... Clinton’s instinct is to use hardball tactics in pursuit of what she sees as the greater good. Barack Obama and Sanders, by running as high-minded idealists, made that harder. Every time she attacked them, she risked playing into their depiction of her as ruthless and unprincipled. Trump, by contrast, because he’s so odious, liberates her to wage total war. Which is exactly what she likes to do.