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Procrastinating on June 23, 2016

Live from America's Better Self: This is, I think, unfair. Mitt Romney's counterparties were very happy with his work--it was only the other stakeholders (and the government, where the PBGC often had to spend money to clean up the mess) who was unhappy. But if you were a Donald Trump counterparty thinking he was working for or with you, odds are that you are unhappy as well:

Matthew Yglesias: Clinton’s New Line on Trump’s Business Career: "Today Hillary Clinton’s campaign is going to roll out its first attack on Donald Trump over the economy...

...with an early afternoon speech in Ohio; a new web video attacking Trump’s statements on economic policy; and a new website, Art of the Steal, dedicated to attacking Trump’s career as in business. The key line: ‘He’s Mitt Romney but bad at his job.’... They want to say that he’s been ruthless and profited off decisions that were costly to middle-class people.... On the other hand, they want to say that at least Mitt Romney was genuinely good at getting rich. Trump, by contrast, was born rich, and they say his actual investment record is unimpressive. Since 1987, for example, he’s underperformed an index fund investment.

Normally inquiries into a politician’s personal finances don’t tell you much about his likely performance in office. But there is nearly no precedent (Wendell Willkie is the exception) for a major-party nominee who has no record of service in public office, so there isn’t really much to go on with Trump except his business career. This is especially true because Trump isn’t exactly running what you would call a wonky, detail-oriented, policy-heavy campaign...